Google+ Profiles: What You Need To Know (Part 1)

A Tale of Two Profiles

As if social platforms weren’t confusing enough for the average business person just trying to market themselves, Google Plus (or Google+) had to come into the mix. As you might have noticed, social is a whole other animal when a search engine company gets ahold of it.

Over 70 percent of brands use Google+, and it’s easy to understand why when you know that Google+ averages more than 1.2 billion monthly views. But if you’re like most professionals who manage a website or brand with an online presence, you have two different Google+ profiles to maintain. There’s the profile for your brand or business, which is generally very industry-focused. Then, you have your individual, or personal, profile, filled with photos of your family and travels, which you might share with your circles of friends.

So how do you manage both of your accounts, while staying organized and professional, but still giving your brand’s profile a personal vibe? We’re going to explore this question in a three-part series, so stick with us and soon you’ll be a Google+ pro!

How your two Google Plus profiles differ

Because you’re a guru in your industry, you probably carry a bit of your work home with you. While you have plenty of other hobbies that make you the awesome person that you are, one of those interests likely revolves around your job. Maybe you like to post photos from work events that get a little crazy, or maybe you’re always the first to update your circles on the latest news related to your field.

Your individual Google+ profile probably focuses a lot of attention on what’s happening in your working world, and that’s great. Don’t feel like you need to weed out your job-related posts on your personal account. Your job is part of what makes you you!

While your professional life bleeds into your personal profile, it shouldn’t flow quite as strongly in the other direction. You can sprinkle a bit of your personality into your brand’s Google+ account, but definitely avoid letting your personal life cloud your brand’s Google+ identity.

A few personal touches to include for your company’s Google+ profile:

  • Post photos that show off your office culture: fun company outings, events and speakers.
  • Include your own quirky style, voice and humor.
  • Add any links or posts about fundraisers or campaigns your company supports.

A few to leave for your private circles on your personal account:

  • I’s and My’s: We’s tend to do better when posting on behalf of a company.
  • Those photos you took at the holiday party after everyone had one-too-many glasses of eggnog.
  • Typos: Even if you’re not big on grammar yourself, avoiding errors or typos on your brand’s account isn’t uptight–It’s professional.

There is one other type of Google Plus account…
and that type happens when your personal account divides into two: your personal profile and your work profile. This divide is common in other forms of social media, like Twitter, but what makes Google+ great is its ability to cater to different circles. That means you can share photos with your friends and family circles that your work circles never see. Because of this great amount of privacy control, there’s actually no need to have more than one type of Google+ profile for an individual person. Phew!

Stay tuned for next week’s post, where we’ll give you some blogging and authorship tips to make sure you’re taking full advantage of Google+ for your business.

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