Tummel.Me: Making Websites Work!

Our overall mission is to help our clients create engaging conversation with their customers. We believe that customers evolve from conversation and an evolved customer inherently evolves the conversation. We use our superpowers to get the audience involved.


Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should. Strategic design solves problems for your business and your clients.

Whether for print, web or buildings, design should solve problems… but, only within the defined success criteria. When properly executed, design should inspire action and allow users to easily accomplish their goals. And, just as important, design should address the goals of the business.

That’s why we start all conversations by asking what success looks like for the business and their customers. The success criteria determined from those questions helps us focus on what’s most important and allows us to design with purpose.

Digital Strategy and Web Consulting



Even superheroes had the Halls of Justice. It takes a team to pull off something amazing.

Anything great worth accomplishing takes a team effort, that’s why we endeavor to work closely with our clients.

When we are in concert with our clients visions and goals, amazing things happen… barriers are broken, new ideas formed and heights not realized are achieved.

Who you are, what you want to achieve and who you are talking to become the mantra that we surround our design with. Because, form doesn’t follow function. Success criteria, not function, should determine form.


We met WordPress in 2009 and haven’t looked back.

WordPress became our platform of choice because of the options it gave to our clients and the power they have to do most anything they desire, within a user friendly interface.

With WordPress there is room for almost infinite expansion of your website and because it’s open source and happens to power over 50 percent of the top one million websites in the world, there is a large community of developers at your disposal; you will not be tied to a single source for help. If there’s a question about the power of WordPress, we suggest checking out some of the larger sites in the world running on it here at WordPress VIP.

Digital Strategy and Website Consulting