Self Propelled WordPress Websites

You know you need to get your personality and message out to your existing and potential customers. You have the time and dedication to be regularly engaged in the conversation. You just need a solid and competitive website that gets your message across and serves as a foundation for you to build on.

That’s where our Self Propelled WordPress Websites come in. We’ll set you up with a solid, high performance WordPress website then hand over the keys. This doesn’t mean we’ll completely desert you, it just means we won’t take a proactive role in the ongoing development of your web presence.

Solid Foundation


Most modern websites utilize a content management system (CMS) and selecting a CMS is possibly the most important decision for a website (after choosing the right developer of course). Here are some things to think about when selecting a CMS.

What a CMS determines:

  • Which community of developers you can utilize
  • The ease to move data in and out
  • Cost (in terms of time and money) to develop and maintain
  • Ease to optimize for search engines
  • User friendliness
  • Extensibility

We use WordPress, an open source CMS. With WordPress there is room for almost infinite expansion of your website and because it’s open source and happens to power over 50 percent of the top one million websites in the world, there is a large community of developers at your disposal; you will not be tied to a single source for help. If there’s a question about the power of WordPress, we suggest checking out some of the larger sites in the world running on it here at WordPress VIP.

Small Business Websites Napa, California

What’s included?

  • A complete installation of the latest version of WordPress
  • A professionally designed and branded theme
  • Your content, structured and formatted
  • eCommerce, if you need it
  • SEO optimization using WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools configured
  • Really, everything you need as a foundation for your online presence
  • Plus other features specific to your needs—the possibilities are almost endless!

What’s not included?

  • Domain registration. We can do this for you, but we recommend doing this yourself so that you are in control of your domain name. Websites can be replaced, but a domain name is a precious commodity.
  • Website hosting. We offer secure, business-class managed hosting, but that’s part of our ePower Subscription service.
  • Ongoing maintenance, security and software updates. We’re here if you need us but we won’t be looking at these items unless asked and our standard hourly rates will apply.

Thinking you don’t actually want to go it alone after launch? Would you rather have a proactive team of superheroes in your corner? Perhaps you should look at our ePower Subscription service.

How it works

When we receive your project inquiry (form below), we’ll review it and see if we’re a good fit. Then we’ll schedule a time to discuss details and solutions. We’ll use this information to create an estimate for your project.

Once we receive a signed agreement, we’ll send an invoice for your deposit. Once your deposit is received, you’ll be officially on our schedule.

When it’s time to start your project, here are the four phases we use to deliver digital awesomeness:

The Process


Estimated time frame: 5-7 days

The most critical phase of developing a successful web presence is often the most overlooked. Through questionnaires, interviews and research, we clarify your goals and the right path for helping you achieve the vision for your brand and your online presence.

In the Discovery phase, we will:

  • Identify the goals you have for your website and determine which features you’ll need
  • Clarify the vision you have for your new site
  • Decide on a sitemap for which pages/areas will be the most prominent on your site
  • Determine the best solutions for making your online presence a success

The Discovery phase lays the groundwork for a web presence that you, your visitors and search engines will love!

Estimated time frame: 2-4 weeks

If your project requires development of a logo, that’s the first thing we’ll tackle. Following logo creation, using research from the Discovery phase, we’ll determine the right page layouts to accomplish your goals and support your brand message.

When we’re discussing page layouts and design, it’s your turn to provide detailed feedback on the fonts, colors, images, and overall “feel” or brand image of your site. Great communication at this stage is critical. The more specific and timely you are with your feedback, the more smoothly the rest of the process will go.

Estimated time frame: 1-2 weeks

This is where we use our WordPress superpowers to turn your design, vision and goals into a WordPress-based website that will be the cornerstone of your online presence.

Apart from geeky code stuff and making sure your site roars like a tiger (tigers don’t purr), development also includes testing your site across browsers and devices to make sure your site will look equally awesome, anywhere.

Estimated time frame: 1 day

Here’s where all your hard work and great communication pays off: we’ll make your site *live* on your servers. Any additional files that are part of our agreement will be emailed to you. And all you have to do is sit back, relax, and relish the experience of using your new WordPress-based website.

Self Propelled WordPress Website Inquiry

Want us to professionally setup a WordPress based website for you? Please fill out the form below. The more information you can provide, the better. We’ll do our best to get a response to you within 2-3 business days.