Tummeling for a Cause Q1 2013 Nominations Open

First quarter Tummeling for a Cause nominations are open, enabling the community to nominate their favorite Napa County non-profit to receive a new or re-designed website.

Positive Community Impact

Yountville School Foundation – YSF has already benefited from Tummeling for a Cause, recently receiving a website, http://fundyountville.com, to help support and raise funds for Yountville Elementary School


Tummeling for a Cause is a program meant to give deserving non-profits a new web presence. Each quarter, the community can nominate their favorite non-profit on Tummel.Me’s website. With the nominees, Tummel.Me will select a short list of non-profits which will then be voted on by the community via their website or Facebook. The non-profit with the most votes wins. Submissions can be made at https://tummel.me/tummeling-for-a-cause/.

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