WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites

Your website is more than your business’ home on the Internet—it’s your branding vehicle, your star salesperson, your storefront, the stage on which your customers view you. It is likely the first impression that most of your customers will have of your business, your products, your services, and your company image. Think about the last time you used the yellow pages to look for something. Our guess is you “Googled” it first.

However, since you are reading this, we suspect you already know all of that and are in the market for a website or perhaps you have a website and are thinking it needs to be remodeled, redesigned or re-branded. If none of that applies to you, we are honored to be the target of your digital stalking endeavors and invite you to read on anyway.quote-tummel-me

Believe it or not, we are consumers too. So at this point we’re guessing you have three questions.

How good are you, how much will it cost and how long will it take?

We’ll get to that, but first we think there are some important questions you should ask yourself. In fact, they are some of the first things we will ask you.

Just for a moment, stop thinking about HTML, CSS, jQuery tricks and the websites you saw when you Googled “The Most Amazing (your type of business) Websites.” Instead, ask yourself, “Who am I, what do I want to say and who is my audience?” The answers to these questions should be your starting point.

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Tummeling, and therefore Tummel.Me, is about engaging your audience and creating conversation. Your personality and your conversation will set your brand apart from competitors and help you connect with your audience.