Web Equity – Owning Your Digital Presence

Winery Social Media

Online marketing has two goals: engage and convert. The social side of the Internet encourages engagement, the search side focuses more on user intent and ultimately conversion of that intent into a sale.

The many elements of an online presence can build on each and can work together for a business. The process is best done in an environment with more control rather than less. Because of the changing nature of the Internet, a SMBs marketing investment should always reinforce and strengthen the elements over which they have the most ownership.

Can a business get by without a website by using only social media? It may be possible, but it fails to recognize that a SMBs presence on other’s sites can change or disappear through no fault of their own. Like any investment, the more control the SMB has, the better it will serve the company interests.

The services in the outer rings of this graphic should be used to reinforce those services of the inner rings where they can best nurture a business’s marketing investment. If you think of these tools as investment, all equity should reinforce and build on the core.

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